"Right down the middle" variety box
"Right down the middle" variety box

"Right down the middle" variety box

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If you've been eating spicy food for a while but are ready to take the next step in your spicy adventure, this variety box is for you.

A USPS small flat-rate shipping box of peppers between 50,000 and 700,000 shu that are ripe at the time of shipping.

Shipped by volume of whatever can fit in the box (roughly 1.4 quarts), so weight and amount will vary. 

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Shipping to Continental US only at this time


By purchasing hot peppers, you acknowledge that you understand the following:

- hot peppers contain concentrated amounts of capsaicin that can cause physical distress

- hot peppers should be used as an ingredient in other foods such that the capsaicin is diluted

- eating hot peppers undiluted (ie., whole or raw) means ingesting very large concentrations of capsaicin

- care should be taken to avoid contact with skin and eyes, such as wearing chemical-resistant gloves and safety glasses

- that hot peppers should NEVER be given to children or pets

By purchasing hot peppers, you acknowledge that:

-the decision to consume them is yours alone and negative effects of consuming such peppers is not the responsibility of Blue Ridge Pepper Patch, Llc.

If purchasing these peppers as a gift, you agree to make the recipient aware of the above.