2022 Pepper varieties


These are all the peppers we're growing for 2022! They will be available as seedlings, fresh peppers, or both. As they become ripe, we will upload video descriptions of taste tests.

Flavor descriptions below are only general guidelines. Two peppers described as "fruity, sweet" will not taste the same. These are just the main descriptors for planning how you want to use the peppers in recipes. 

variety heat level flavor video review
Carolina Reaper 11 fruity
Dragon's breath 11 sweet, fruity
7 pot douglah 10 sweet, earthy
7 pot infinity 10 sweet, fruity
7 pot lava 10 sweet, fruity
7 pot mad ballz 10 bitter, floral
7 pot pickle 10 sweet, fruity
7 pot primo 10 sweet, fruity
7 pot white bubblegum 10 sweet, fruity
7 pot yellow 10 sweet, fruity
Apocalypse chocolate scorpion 10 fruity, floral
Apocalypse scorpion 10 sweet, fruity
Chocolate primotalii 10 sweet, fruity
Chocolate reaper 10 fruity, smoky
Chocolate scorpion 10 Sweet, smoky
Trinidad chocolate scorpion 10
Jay's peach ghost scropion 10
fruity, floral, bitter
Jay's red ghost scorpion 10 fruity, floral
White knight (JPGS x white bhut) 10 fruity, floral
Purple reaper orange 10 fruity, sweet
Reaper Sbaglito 10 fruity, sweet
Yellow Reaper 10 Fruity, sweet
Blue ghost purple 9 sweet, fruity
Caramel scorpanero 9 sweet, fruity
Ghost Pepper (red) 9 Fruity, Earthy https://youtu.be/Gi5vEbuYCwo?t=82
Moruga red monster 9 fruity, floral
Naga brain red dragon 9 fruity
Naga morich 9 sweet, fruity https://youtu.be/Gi5vEbuYCwo?t=288
Pink tiger ghost 9 sweet, fruity
Trinidad Moruga scorpion yellow 9 sweet, fruity
White bhut 9 Fruity, sweet
White ghost scorpion 9 Fruity, sweet
White scorpion 9 Fruity, sweet
Yellow 7 pot nebru 9 Fruity
Yellow fatalii 9 Citrusy, fruity
Yellow ghost 9 Fruity
Hallow's eve 8 smoky, fruity
Purple death 8 Fruity, sweet
Yellow brain strain 8 Tropical, citrusy https://youtu.be/Gi5vEbuYCwo?t=682
Red habanero 7 Sweet, smoky https://youtu.be/AWEWvVFVhpk?t=507
Cappuccino habanero 7 Sweet, smoky
Chocolate habanero 7 Sweet, smoky
Cotton candy habanero 7 Sweet
Mayan red habanero 7 smoky, fruity https://youtu.be/AWEWvVFVhpk?t=224
White habanero 7 fruity, smoky
Yellow scotch bonnet 7 Fruity, tropical
Chocolate scotch bonnet 6 floral, smoky
Orange habanero 6 Smoky, fruity https://youtu.be/AWEWvVFVhpk?t=92
Puma 6 smoky, fruity
Purple Dream 6
Thai dragon 5 sweet, tangy
Inca red 4 fruity, sweet
Thai super F1 4 Fruity, grassy
White Thai 4 Fruity, crisp https://youtu.be/x0yeD98yJBc?t=383
Aji charapita 3 sweet, fruity
Buena mutala 3 sweet
Bulgarian carrot 3 sweet, fruity
Cayenne, orange 3 grassy
Cayenne, purple 3 grassy
Cayenne, red 3 grassy
Fire away hot and heavy 3 grassy, sweet https://youtu.be/s8V1sNzVgCo?t=38
Kung Pao 3 earthy, smoky
Lemon spice jalapeno 3 Citrusy, grassy
Takanotsume 3 fruity
Thunder mountain long horn 3 fruity, smoky
Tri color variegata 3 floral
Black pearl 2 citrusy
Count Dracula 2 grassy
Jalapeno 2 Grassy
Lemon drop 2 Citrusy
Matt's vareigated jalapeno 2 grassy
Mulato isoleno 2 Smoky, earthy
Numex Easter 2 grassy
Rainforest 2 fruity, sweet
Serrano 2 Bright, grassy
Trinidad sweet 2 sweet, fruity
Yatsufusa 4 Smoky, grassy https://youtu.be/s8V1sNzVgCo?t=200
Anaheim 1 slightly fruity
Biquinho yellow 1 Fruity, tropical https://youtu.be/s8V1sNzVgCo?t=531
Gochujang king 1 tangy, sweet https://youtu.be/x0yeD98yJBc?t=203
Padron 1 Earthy, nutty
Pasilla 1 Sweet, Earthy
Purple Jalapeno 1 Bright, grassy
Purple UFO 1 fruity
Shishito 1 Sweet, citrusy
Cubanelle 0 sweet
Fushimi 0 sweet
Trick or treat habanero 0 fruity, smoky
Mohawk 0 Fruity https://youtu.be/x0yeD98yJBc?t=127