"Why is your shipping so garsh darn expensive?!" Well, quite simply, that's how much it costs to ship the order. In a world of "free shipping" and "two day arrival" etc., we've been spoiled with the appearance of low-cost or free shipping. The truth is, large companies either raise the price of the items to account for shipping, or are large enough to absorb the shipping fees, in order to gain the business of people looking for bargains. We are not a large company like Amazon. We are a small farm, and we collaborate with other small farms to bring you the best quality produce and pantry items. Our profit margins are not high enough to absorb the cost of shipping. While we could increase item prices to have shipping appear 'free', it would be a disservice to the local customers that pick up or get delivery locally, to make them to pay a 'hidden cost' of shipping on items that they never needed shipped. Our pricing is transparent - you see the price of the item, and the price of the shipping. And any shipping discounts we get through B2B agreements, we pass along to you. We thank you for supporting our products and for your understanding. 



LOCAL DELIVERY: We offer free local delivery on plants and peppers over a $10 order. We deliver to the following zip codes in the northeastern part of the Triangle, (Wake Forest, Louisburg, Henderson): 27537, 27536, 27544, 27549, 27596, 27587, 27571, 27508. 

EXTENDED AREA DELIVERY: We offer $1.99 delivery on a $20 min order in the northern Raleigh and east Durham area (27703, 27581, 27522, 27508, 27509, 27704, 27616, 27604, 27609, 27709, 27617, 27613, 27615, 27614).

PICKUP LOCATIONS: If you are not in our delivery area, we offer intermittent local pickup locations - if available, these will be an option in the checkout. We also put notifications on our facebook page. Please be sure you can pick up the produce during the pickup window. Orders not picked up during the pickup window will be refunded minus a $5 restocking/travel fee. Other arrangements may be able to be made, but generally produce is picked to order and cannot be held for long periods of time.

At this time, we are only able to ship live plants within North Carolina.

We ship out peppers to the continental US using USPS Priority mail Mondays-Wednesdays to minimize the time spent in transportation warehouses over a weekend. Peppers have a decent 'lifespan' once picked and should arrive to you ripe and ready to use in your favorite recipes!

Swag items ship separately, directly from the print partner, Printful. Shipping charges will apply and vary by items and quantity ordered. At this time, due to technical difficulties regarding how shipping is handled for Swag, orders for Swag must be placed separately from Plants. We apologize for the inconvenience. If ordering fresh peppers and swag at the same time, the system may charge you shipping on pods when we're actually able to do free local delivery. You can either order swag separate from fresh pods, or we can refund you the shipping cost for the pods.