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Microgreens are tiny plants that are more nutritious per ounce than their full grown counterparts. They are great ways to add more vitamins to your diet, while making all of your meals look fancy! Adding nutrients through food is always better than taking vitamins since they are more bioavailable in food.

Since these are tiny plants, the nutrients degrade fairly rapidly after trimming, therefore we sell microgreens LIVING, grown on a soilless hemp fiber mat! They stay perfectly fresh right up until the moment you need to use them. Need more convience? We also sell them cut.

Check the Microgreens Use and Care sheet for more information on how to keep them until you enjoy them!

Living are in a box of a 5 inch square mat filled with microgreens; cut is approximately 1 pt of cut greens.

Mix brassica - a great all-purpose micro green that adds a bit of spicy bite to your meals

Red radish - a slight favor reminiscent of a radish root

Daikon radish - similar to Red radish but more mild


Cilantro - a great way to add a bit of cilantro flavor to your food without having to buy a whole bunch from the grocery store

Burnet - a ground cover plant that provides a mild cucumber flavor

 Love microgreens? Let us pick for you and save on a three box variety pack.