Delivery/Pickup produce order

We offer year-round produce in addition to our hot peppers! These items are for local delivery or pickup only.



June/July: tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet potato greens, summer squashes, garlic, onions, potatoes

August: mild peppers, cantaloupe, honeydew, other melons

Sept/Oct: hot peppers, watermelon, winter squash, sweet potatoes


****Wake Forest Collaborative members**** please visit the other vendors for your eggs, cut flowers and plant seedling purchases


To order on this page: simply type quantity desired for each item, then hit 'add to cart'. If you ordered more than we have, your quantity will be adjusted at checkout. Or, click each item individually and add to cart.


                                                                               Item                                                                                                                           Price                                    Enter quantity

Collards (bag) Greens/cabbage/collards - Collards (bag) 4.00
Amaranth Greens/cabbage/collards - Amaranth 4.00
Wild onion flowers (half pint) Edible flowers - Wild onion flowers (half pint) 4.00
Mimosa flowers (box) Edible flowers - Mimosa flowers (box) 6.00
Broccoli Microgreens - Broccoli 4.00
Green garlic Garlic/onions - Green garlic 2.00
Garlic scapes Garlic/onions - Garlic scapes 2.00
Baby spring onions (bunch) Garlic/onions - Baby spring onions (bunch) 2.00
Onion scapes Garlic/onions - Onion scapes 2.00
Yellow Crookneck Summer squashes - Yellow Crookneck 2.00
Default Title Dragon's defense - repel squirrels from birdseed! (local pickup) 8.00
Default Title Wild Blackberries 5.00
Broccoli refill Microgreens no-mess DIY kits and refills - Broccoli refill 4.39
Basil refill Microgreens no-mess DIY kits and refills - Basil refill 4.89
Daikon radish refill Microgreens no-mess DIY kits and refills - Daikon radish refill 4.39
Default Title Eggs 5.00
Default Title Spicy apple butter (local pickup) 9.00
Cowboy candy Pickled peppers local pickup - Cowboy candy 7.00
Ranger candy Pickled peppers local pickup - Ranger candy 10.00
Pickled garlic peppers Pickled peppers local pickup - Pickled garlic peppers 8.00
Hot Spicy mustards local pickup - Hot 8.00
BBQ rub Salts/rubs/dried local pickup - BBQ rub 6.00
Hot salt (coarse) Salts/rubs/dried local pickup - Hot salt (coarse) 6.00
Hot salt (fine) Salts/rubs/dried local pickup - Hot salt (fine) 6.00
Dried whole (.5 oz) Salts/rubs/dried local pickup - Dried whole (.5 oz) 4.00
Dried whole (1 oz) Salts/rubs/dried local pickup - Dried whole (1 oz) 6.00
Pepper Relish Spicy relishes local pickup - Pepper Relish 7.00
Chow Chow Spicy relishes local pickup - Chow Chow 7.00
Default Title Pepper-jelly local pickup 8.00
Boston Marrow squash Winter squash/pumpkins seedlings - Boston Marrow squash 4.00
Watermelon - "dixie queen" Melon seedlings - Watermelon - "dixie queen" 4.00
Watermelon - royal golden Melon seedlings - Watermelon - royal golden 4.00
Watermelon Sweet glo Melon seedlings - Watermelon Sweet glo 4.00
Yellow pear Tomato seedlings (local delivery) - Yellow pear 4.00
Cherokee purple Tomato seedlings (local delivery) - Cherokee purple 4.00
Queen of the night Tomato seedlings (local delivery) - Queen of the night 4.00
Carolina reaper (organic) Pepper Seedlings (local delivery/pickup) - Carolina reaper (organic) 8.00
Ghost Pepper (red) (Organic) Pepper Seedlings (local delivery/pickup) - Ghost Pepper (red) (Organic) 8.00
Anaheim Pepper Seedlings (local delivery/pickup) - Anaheim 4.00
Puma Pepper Seedlings (local delivery/pickup) - Puma 4.00
Sangria Pepper Seedlings (local delivery/pickup) - Sangria 4.00
Red Habanero (Organic) Pepper Seedlings (local delivery/pickup) - Red Habanero (Organic) 6.00
Thai Chile (Organic) Pepper Seedlings (local delivery/pickup) - Thai Chile (Organic) 6.00
Orange Spice jalapeno (Organic) Pepper Seedlings (local delivery/pickup) - Orange Spice jalapeno (Organic) 6.00
Jalapeno popper (Organic) Pepper Seedlings (local delivery/pickup) - Jalapeno popper (Organic) 6.00
Ancho (Organic) Pepper Seedlings (local delivery/pickup) - Ancho (Organic) 6.00
Porto Rico sweet potato plants - Porto Rico 6.00
White Triumph sweet potato plants - White Triumph 6.00